Almond Oil

The wonderful oil is rich in Vitamin A,B and E making it the most sought oil for skin and hair

Aloe Vera

A multi-purpose wonder plant containing Vitamins, Mineral, Amino Acids, Enzymes and many more ingrediants.

Gift Hampers

This Festive season choose from a variety of gift baskets. All products are handmade and natural.

Coconut Oil

The perfect ingredient to bring nourishment and protection to your skin.

“If every human being recognized the Power of Love and forgiveness principle, all consciousness on earth would change instantly”

-Kwan Yin

Aroma Tales

Essential oils have been used since ancient times in various cultures as they are powerful therapeutic agents. It’s vibrations are connected with the electromagnetic waves which resonates with the human aura and  hence it promotes healing.

We have pure essential oils and we use it for various cures by blending the same in the right proportion which is further energized. Some of our wellness products are further customized based on the client’s ailment.

We have a wide range of products from oils, scrubs, moisturizer, sanitizer, bath essentials to candles, incense, sprays and perfumes. All our products are natural and organic.

Nature’s gift: Luxury Products

The Lotus Tales is pleased to present the best of nature’s natural luxury products in our exclusive aroma selections, for greater pleasure of the senses.Our natural fragrances posses the beauty and elegance, while harnessing the therapeutic, healing values of traditional aromatherapy.

Enhance your Well being with our “Therapeutic Products”

The Lotus Tales formulates a collection of pure natural blends for overall well-being and have products based on healing traditions of holistic medicines and therapies.


We organize various workshops for individuals and corporates and also empower them to handle stress, strengthen relationships, promote wellness at all levels and enhance creativity along with performance.

We have empanelled various experts in psychology, Neurolinguistics programming and world renowned energy healing modalities.  One’s hidden potential comes to light only by clearing all the road blocks to success and happiness which we constantly focus on through various techniques.