What Are The Benefits Of Natural Healing Teas?

On a breezy evening or on a rainy day, with a book in hand, taking slow sips from a cup of hot tea— nothing can be more pleasurable than this. No other beverages are more refreshing and stimulating than a cup of tea. But, the beneficial value of tea goes beyond being just a refreshment drink. Studies show that tea has a unique healing power that improves certain health conditions, and promotes a better life. How? Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Natural Healing Teas

Lavender Tea

Lavender comes with a wonderful and refreshing fragrance and flavor. A daily intake of Lavender tea works magic on stressful thoughts, and soothes the mind, balancing the moods. If you are suffering from insomnia, then brew some lavender tea and have it daily; it will relax your mind, lower blood pressure levels and restore deep sleep. Apart from that Lavender tea is also beneficial for skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, etc.

Chocolate Mint Tea

Everybody is well aware with the health benefits of drinking a cup of hot chocolate. But, when it comes to talking about chocolate tea, the beneficial value gets doubled. Made from cocoa beans, chocolate tea is a healthy alternative to coffee. Our chocolate tea is with a hint of mint, hence it also has the benefits of mint too which helps with inflammation, respiratory issues, and digestion too. Cocoa beans are rich in anti-oxidants, hence a cup of chocolate mint tea is a boost to the body, protecting it from free radicals. The best part is that Chocolate tea tastes just like the hot chocolate, 100% natural, and free of caffeine. The minty flavor in it brings a rich taste and aroma which uplifts one’s mood too.

Orange Tea

Are you a frequent victim of cold and flu? Are you searching for some remedies to fight with cold and flu? Vitamin C and anti-oxidant enriched orange tea is an elixir to your suffering. From lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, to relieving constipation and cramps, the benefits of Orange tea is peerless. It also helps in building insulin resistance, prevents heartburn and helps in controlling many infections

Black Tea

Is drinking black tea good for your health? Research shows that black tea has immense benefits for maintaining a healthy heart. It maintains the blood pressure level as well as the cholesterol level. A daily intake of Black tea reduces the chances to lower ovarian cancer in women. It also helps in cleansing liver and kidneys.

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a kind of green tea, but slightly different from the conventional green tea. Matcha leaves are rich in catechin anti-oxidant that helps in fighting cancer. Matcha tea boosts metabolism and helps in burning calories. So, if you are aiming to trim your belly fat, a regular intake of matcha tea can be beneficial. Matcha also relaxes your mind, reduces anxiety and stress and the presence of rich antioxidants also makes it a catalyst in improving your skin.

Rosemary Tea

From brewing the leaves and stems of rosemary, loaded with antibacterial and antioxidant properties, there comes Rosemary tea which is very good to drink it every day, especially for those suffering from arthritis, indigestion, hair loss, high blood pressure, etc. If you have a cup of Rosemary tea daily, it will make you free from the chains of stress, depression, and anxiety. It also helps in reducing headaches and in improving brain function.

Thyme Tea

Loaded with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties, Thyme, when comes in tea form, brings about limitless benefits. A regular intake of thyme tea lowers high blood pressure, controls blood cholesterol level, relieves chest congestion, to name a few.

These herbal teas are completely natural, free of calories, loaded with health benefits. If you want to kick start driving your life on the healthy road, experience a power packed morning with these natural healing teas.

Mind and Body Wellness

Mind and Body Wellness

The term, ‘wellness’ denotes a complete physical, mental and social state of well-being. After evaluating all the aspects of well-being— a fresh mind, body, and a youthful soul, people are now coming out of the narrow corners and starting to make better choices to uplift and lead their living to a greater and effective dimension.

What Are The Routes To Achieve Mind and Body Wellness

As our mind and body are intertwined together, it is not enough to have a stunning physical structure; one must eliminate negative thoughts from his mind, carving out the way for spiritual awareness. Following are few tips to maintain a healthy life, restoring mental wellness.

Restful Sleep

Most of the people are extremely busy running in the race of climbing the ladder in their professional life as well as maintaining their home responsibilities. This constant balance between home and work demands the compromise in sleeping. So, to get a high energy level, feel fresh and achieve mental awareness, sleep tight.


Meditation is one of the age-old and wonderful ways to restore the balance between mind and body. Meditation allows people to experience a rejuvenated body and spiritual awareness, releasing emotional toxins, like anger, anxiety, disappointment, etc. There is nothing so much effective than Chakra meditation to find out and maintain the balance between the body and the mind. A regular practice of Chakra Meditation will make you feel relaxed, energized, and joyful.

Keep Yourself Away From Substance Abuse

Keeping yourself away from consuming alcohol, drugs, and smoking is one of the crucial steps to achieve mental and physical stability and richness at once. These things are like slow poison, draining the life force out of you and your family, gradually. Many natural products are out there in the market, like smokers lip balm, helping out smokers, to control and tolerate their smoking urge, relaxing their mind. Chamomile essential oil, Lavender essential oil, work as the natural sedative, lowering the blood pressure, soothing the body and mind, boosting the memory. Herbal teas like Chamomile, Moringa, Basil, energize the mind, keeping the body fit and healthy.

Be Careful About What You Eat

One of the most important and fundament theories of living healthy is not to intake vitamins and minerals, it is to nurture our relationship with food. One doesn’t need to be vegetarian to stay healthy; just eat nutritious, organic food to stay healthy. The consumption of organic and eco-friendly food products will help to balance the inter-connection between mental and physical wellness, without even violating our emotional attachment to food.

Cultivate the Creative corner Of The Mind

Wellness does not depend on specific medication or particular theoretical therapies. If we dig out our brain and improve the creative fertility, then attaining the supreme psychological wellness will no longer be a challenge. Some people indulge themselves into creative efforts, like, music, dancing, painting, sculpturing, writing poetry, etc. These creative endeavors, work as the most sensitive and effective therapeutic mediums, to heal different kinds of psychological disorders, restoring mental wellness, leading to a spiritual awaking. And only a spiritual healing can help you to unleash the creative corner of your brain, leading him to achieve perfection as per your divine blueprint.

Relentlessly breathing and eating, one cannot achieve a complete mind and body wellness. One must follow these simple ways to live happily and healthy.

Himalayan Pink Salt and its benefits

Himalayan pink salt is the purest form salt, found in the Himalayan seabed. It is rich in sodium chloride, along with 84 minerals, unlike any other type of salts; our body absorbs these minerals easily. From encouraging weight loss, supporting detox, to the functioning as an air purifier, pink Himalayan salt is now dominating the home and world of the health conscious people.

Advantages of Himalayan Pink Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is now everywhere: salt grinders, salt lamps, expensive ‘salt rooms’ in the reputable spa, etc. But, what is the unique feature of the Himalayan pink salt? Let’s find out.

Rich in Minerals

Bath salts and mineral baths are one of the finest ways to relax your body and infuse it with minerals and salts, absorbing through the skin. It is, in fact, a great way to hydrate your body. When it comes to hydrating your skin and body with salt and minerals, Himalayan pink salt leaves its competitors behind.

Relieves Soreness

A warm bath with pink Himalayan rock salt is a very effective way to relieve the cramped muscles. The minerals present in this salt make the bones strong, tighten the tissues, and improve the skin textures, overall.


Besides rich in nutrients, Himalayan pink salt is the natural detoxifier. If you mix it with warm water, it turns into an ionic solution, pulling out toxins out of the skin and body.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Himalayan rock salt lamp is enriched with Sodium Chloride that is essential to keep your blood pressure under control. A regular intake of a pinch of Himalayan pink salt will help you to recover your health from the high blood pressure woes.

Better Digestion

The magic nutrients of Himalayan pink salts improve the power of the gastrointestinal tract to absorb minerals. This leads to better digestion and promotes a healthy living.

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The Healing Power Of Herbal Teas

Tea, is the very first thing that we look forward to after getting up in the morning or during the day, isn’t it? A nice and hot cup of tea. Many of us have artificially flavored tea along with sugar, which takes away all the benefits from our morning ritual. What is the solution then? How can we improve our health? Switch to herbal teas and live a healthier life!! The healing power of herbal teas will promote a good health with each sip we take from the cup. Below are the best herbal teas with their health benefits.

Green Tea Bags in herbal combination:

Green Tea with Moringa

Replace your black coffee with Moringa green tea and get the same energy you receive from coffee. Moreover, Moringa is the herbal energy booster, enhances mental clarity and general well-being. A daily consumption of moringa green tea even relieves the pain and bloating women suffer from during their menstrual cycle.

Green Tea with Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha green tea contains flavonoids and antioxidants that help to release the toxins out of the body, as well as resist heart diseases and eyesight problems. A regular intake of Ashwagandha green tea promotes better sleep and is very good for the expectant moms.

Green Tea with Ginseng

From burning extra fat to bucking up energy, green tea with Ginseng provides plenty of benefits to our body. It is rich in antioxidants, hence, reduces the chances of cancer. Besides, it promotes the functioning of the heart and treats the problems like erectile dysfunction.

Green Tea with Triphala

Triphala powder with warm water has been an age-old magic potion to deal with several health conditions. Green tea with Triphala promotes a better digestion as well as weight-loss, strengthens the eye-muscle, and slows down the aging.

Green Tea with Lemongrass

If severe menstrual pain dominates you every month, one cup of Green Tea with Lemongrass every day is the natural panacea for your health condition. Besides, it controls blood pressure, improves digestion, and helps to deal with common cold and flu.

Green Tea with Garcinia

Plenty of health supplemental products are out there in the market, promising burn fat fast. But they are no match for Green Tea with Garcinia. It is a natural fat-burning elixir, free from any side effects to the body. It boosts the metabolism, and burns fat easily, without causing any damage to the digestive system.

Green Tea with Arjuna

Green Tea with Arjuna is rich in anti-oxidants, thus, helps in releasing toxins from the body. Besides, a regular intake of this caffeine-free herbal tea will improve the heart’s pumping capacity, keeps the cholesterol level in check.

Green Tea Honey

We all know that honey is a rich source of antioxidants. Thus, when honey and ginger gets combined with green tea, it adds an extra value to the health benefits green tea provides. A daily intake of Green Tea Honey will help you to trim your belly fat, reduce the chances of cancer and diabetes. It will boost the brain functioning, the digestive system, relieves dizziness, nausea, and motion sickness.

Green Tea Tulsi & Elaichi

Both Tulsi and Elaichi are well known for their medicinal properties. Green Tea Tulsi and Elaichi, containing the wonderful aroma of elaichi, helps to cope with stomach spasm, relieves cold and cough problem.

Green Tea Lemon

The combination of green tea and lemon becomes more effective in releasing toxins from the body. Because lemon boosts the antioxidants of green tea in a better way. If you consume Green Tea Lemon daily, it will improve your skin texture, boost your metabolism, helping in the fat burning process.

Green Tea Cinnamon

Cinnamon is known for both the flavor and health-promoting properties, for thousand years. Cinnamon not only adds a pleasant flavor to the green tea but leads the beneficial value of green tea consumption to another level. Green Tea Cinnamon helps to lose weight fast, heals the cells from radical damage. A regular consumption of Green Tea Cinnamon treats the type 1 and 2 of Diabetes.

What are you waiting for? Take a sip of any of these mentioned herbal teas, create your own herbal tea story, and get rid of your health issues.

Green Tea Rose

Green Tea Rose is the natural source of anti-oxidants, keeps the body safe from many degenerative diseases. If you have a cup of rose green tea daily, your bones will be stronger, and heart will be healthy. It also makes the digestive system better.

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Energy, Frequency And Essential Oils

What Do You Mean by Energy Frequency?

Every object in the universe consists of energy and has its own frequency level. According to scientists, even a rock and human body has its own vibrational frequency level. And this frequency changes with the different state of mind. Frequency is nothing but the vibrational rates of your conscious mind. If you are able to increase your vibration, then you will come closer to the alignment of your life, and it will have a great impact on your mind,body and soul. A comparatively lower frequency level acts like a magnet, attracting negative energy. It will seize and capture your emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

Therefore, for the sake of your spiritual growth, health and well-being, maintaining the clarity of your mind, you should know the ways to uplift your energy frequencies.


What Happens With Low Personal Vibration?

If one’s body and soul are in a perfect harmony, it vibrates at 62-68Hz. and anything lower than this is considered to be a lower vibration. It will lead to a weak immune system and health issues, as well as emotional breakdown also. You will experience issues in your relationships, rise in toxic emotions like pain, stress, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, etc. Your mind will then be the nest of negative thoughts, and you will be surrounded by negative minded people.


Since ancient times, essential oils act as the wonder of nature because of their natural healing properties. They work as the personal vibration up lifter too. Research shows essential oils vibrate at a much higher electromagnetic frequency that helps to release negative energy out of the body, restoring both the spiritual and physical vibration levels, and promoting a better living.

Do Essential Oils Raise Vibration?

Since ancient times, essential oils act as the wonder of nature because of their natural healing properties. They work as the personal vibration up lifter too. Research shows essential oils vibrate at a much higher electromagnetic frequency that helps to release negative energy out of the body, restoring both the spiritual and physical vibration levels, and promoting a better living.

Energy chart

In the above image, we can see the frequency levels of various essential oils and the impact when lower frequencies invade the body and aura.

“ Measuring in megahertz, it was found that processed foods and canned food had a 0 to 15 MHz.Dry herbs from 12-22 MHz;Fresh produce measured up to 15 to 22 MHz
Fresh herbs from 20-27 MHz.Essential Oils started at 47 MHz and went as high as 320 MHz, which is the frequency of  Rose oil.




Our body and all the organs have their own frequency, here are a few listed.

Normal Brain wave frequency is 72-78 MHz
Visionary Range 120 MHz
Bone 38-43 MHz
From the neck down 62-68 MHz this is a healthy body normal frequency

If the frequency drops just 4 points this is when a headache will start.
58 MHz. Disease begins, Like the cold symptoms
57 MHz Flu invades the body
55 MHz when more serious problems come about like pneumonia,
Epstein Barr etc.
48 MHz is when tissue breaks down from disease
42 MHz is when cancer can set in
20 MHz death  **   ( courtesy youngliving.com)

seven subtle vibrations

Clinical research shows essential oils, having the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, can create an environment in which microbes, disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. cannot live. Truly, the chemistry and frequencies of essential oils have the ability to help man maintain an optimal health frequency. It can help in getting relief from cold, stress, anxiety, aches, pains, have clarity, can help one cleanse and purify one’s space and much more.

It is wonderful to discover that essential oil frequencies are several times greater than frequencies of herbs and foods. For years, research has been conducted on the use of electrical energy to reverse disease. Scientists in the field of natural healing have believed there has to be a more natural way to increase the body’s electrical frequency. This led to the research and subsequent discovery of electrical frequencies in essential oils.

The more results that have been seen, the more research has been initiated.

 Energy frequencies chart

Image Source : alloneholistic

The benefits of all the essential oils have been highlighted on our page

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 How to Use Essential Oil

You can buy an essential oil diffuser that will diffuse the oil in the air of your home, office, etc. It will purify the air and release all the negative energy from the environment. But, of course, not all the oils will work as the vibrational frequency raiser; only the 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils have the potential to detoxify your body as well as the environment.

You can also apply it on the skin by blending it with any vegetable oil by diluting it. You can out a few drops of the essential oil in your bath too.  Another way to apply it is by using products which are made with pure essential oils.

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Communication and self expression

The throat is a bridge between the heart and the brain and it truly is a transmitter of information which our brain processes through visions and sounds within and around us. Hence self-expression is very important for us to balance our thoughts and feelings, else we carry a lot of baggage within us which can affect our emotions and affect our heart as well. Our inner self perceives based on our thought patterns and we form judgements due to the same. We may perceive it to be correct or incorrect depending on our belief systems. Hence it is wrong to judge someone and form an opinion. We should express what impacts us and not what we feel about others. It is always best to allow the higher self to guide us and be associated with people who we resonate with. Similarly it is important to allow our divine self to express its full potential and engage ourselves in a career or relationship which allows one to express our true self. Only then one can be genuinely happy and fulfilled in our lives.
Therefore, if one lacks self-expression or one overly expresses oneself, both can create imbalances within ourselves which is responsible for blockages in our chakras that eventually cause ailments. This imbalance is a lesson for us to imbibe within ourselves and uplift our thoughts. Sometimes we create karma by even thinking about certain incidents happening around us and our brain starts processing certain ideas about them. This information is processed by our sub-conscious brain and hence we carry unwanted thought patterns. Therefore it is important to let go of things that do not serve our purpose.
Even when we have lack communication skills or suppress our feelings, we hold on to emotions which again manifests into blockages which turns forms into an ailment. Therefore it is important to express oneself fully in order to balance our emotional and physical well-being.
Thyroid is one ailment which happens due to imbalance caused by the above reasons. Therefore it is important to stand up for yourself, express your true feelings and live your life. When you hold back your true feelings, that’s when you become a victim and people take control of your “ voice”. Personally I was diagnosed of thyroid about one and a half years ago and the doctor had prescribed medication for my whole life. Instead I decided to do healing which not only released my blockages but made me more creative, more expressive and a better speaker in public forums. My thyroid levels are normal as on today and I don’t take any medication.Treatments used were Reiki and Magnified healing .
Reiki can be defined as a non-physical healing energy made up of life force energy that is guided by the Higher Intelligence. Magnified healing is a beautiful modality which is brought forth to earth and humanity by Kwan Yin popularly known as Tara in India and Tibet. In magnified healing, we co-create the healing energy with Kwan Yin.Laser rays form the sacred geometries that are used in this healing process by the raising of the vibration of the Magnified Healing energy, the initiating of the energy of the Sevenfold Flame of the Elohim and the activation of the Cosmic Violet Fire of Light. A Broad Laser Beam which is used on all the systems of the physical body (nervous, lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, etc.) including all cells and electrons, by scanning, clearing, releasing, transmuting, reconstituting and filling with perfection.- A Fine Point Laser Beam which extracts growths, concentrated infections, scar tissues, etc. This method also fills with perfection the physical system as well as all subtle bodies. In treating the subtle bodies, old thought forms, habits, belief systems are released and new patterns are stabilized and actively sealed by the Golden Christ Energy. It is a spiritual form of healing and hence it heals across various levels through divine intervention.

Stress management and prevention techniques

Modern day work schedules are very hectic and mechanical.Deadlines at work and on domestic front often brings about an imbalance which leads to various lifestyle diseases.

All employers must ensure that all the employees are able to spend quality time at work and home. This ensures that one is always active and energetic. Creative ideas flow when one is completely relaxed and in control of the mind and body. One is then completely balanced in all the areas of their lives and can sustain themselves for a longer term in their jobs too.

Even if one cannot take enough time out during the week, it is extremely important to engage in stress management activities during breaks and go in for rejuvenation during weekends .Work life balance is extremely important for the sustenance of oneself during these times of heightened expectations in performance and intense competition.

So from the HR perspective, it becomes all the more important for the organisation to plan wellness programmes in such a manner that the employees benefit from preventive medicine, rather than an expensive treatment later which can also increase their costs in terms of the insurance claims.

To design a wellness programme which is completely employee friendly,reliable and professional, please write to us at info@ thelotustales.com or call 9880814521. We will be happy to assist you and your organisation.

Cause and effect of ailments

We often associate the cause of any ailment as physical, but do you know every disease has it’s roots in the mental and emotional bodies, sometimes even karmic. We usually go to the physician to get it treated. Though it gives us relief but we again have the tendency of having that ailment time and again, because we have not treated the root cause. How do you determine the root cause? It is determined by understanding which Chakras are out of balance. Chakras are energy centres in our body which are responsible for various activities and they are connected with the organs. So whichever ailment is diagnosed, the root cause is because one or more of the connected chakras are out of balance. Once they are healed, automatically the ailment and the issue which caused the imbalance also gets treated.

It is extremely important to balance your chakras on a regular basis so that the body is immune to diseases. The first step in keeping the chakras balanced is to cleanse the aura. There are different techniques to do that like Reiki, Aromatherapy, Magnified healing etc. It needs to be done regularly because the elements in our environment, our thoughts , our interactions with people can have an impact on our aura which in turn affects our chakras. For eg if the heart chakra is out of balance, one may have heart problems, high blood pressure etc. The person may also may issues with relationships. Once the chakra is balanced, automatically all these aspects get balanced and one may not even need medical help. But it is extremely important to leave medication only once the doctor has given his confirmation.

We have had many cases where people had chronic issues for several years and it got treated completely after a couple of sessions. Issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia also can be cured with alternative medicine. Again it has a psychosomatic cause and can be easily identified and treated.

Question is what do you do when the ailment is karmic? Karmic ailments are those which the soul has to undergo due to a pact in our previous lifetimes. We are reborn because we need to fulfil our soul contracts and that’s why we meet certain people who are our friends and relatives or even our superiors. We are born to learn our lessons so that our soul can get elevated and we don’t have to take birth again and again.

We can also heal our karmas with Magnified healing as it has the power to alleviate them since it was created with the energy of the ascended being Avalokiteshwara or Kwan Yin, known by different names in Asian countries.

There are numerous cases of miraculous recovery with these techniques due to which some of our clients have decided to learn the art themselves.
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