We often associate the cause of any ailment as physical, but do you know every disease has it’s roots in the mental and emotional bodies, sometimes even karmic. We usually go to the physician to get it treated. Though it gives us relief but we again have the tendency of having that ailment time and again, because we have not treated the root cause. How do you determine the root cause? It is determined by understanding which Chakras are out of balance. Chakras are energy centres in our body which are responsible for various activities and they are connected with the organs. So whichever ailment is diagnosed, the root cause is because one or more of the connected chakras are out of balance. Once they are healed, automatically the ailment and the issue which caused the imbalance also gets treated.

It is extremely important to balance your chakras on a regular basis so that the body is immune to diseases. The first step in keeping the chakras balanced is to cleanse the aura. There are different techniques to do that like Reiki, Aromatherapy, Magnified healing etc. It needs to be done regularly because the elements in our environment, our thoughts , our interactions with people can have an impact on our aura which in turn affects our chakras. For eg if the heart chakra is out of balance, one may have heart problems, high blood pressure etc. The person may also may issues with relationships. Once the chakra is balanced, automatically all these aspects get balanced and one may not even need medical help. But it is extremely important to leave medication only once the doctor has given his confirmation.

We have had many cases where people had chronic issues for several years and it got treated completely after a couple of sessions. Issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia also can be cured with alternative medicine. Again it has a psychosomatic cause and can be easily identified and treated.

Question is what do you do when the ailment is karmic? Karmic ailments are those which the soul has to undergo due to a pact in our previous lifetimes. We are reborn because we need to fulfil our soul contracts and that’s why we meet certain people who are our friends and relatives or even our superiors. We are born to learn our lessons so that our soul can get elevated and we don’t have to take birth again and again.

We can also heal our karmas with Magnified healing as it has the power to alleviate them since it was created with the energy of the ascended being Avalokiteshwara or Kwan Yin, known by different names in Asian countries.

There are numerous cases of miraculous recovery with these techniques due to which some of our clients have decided to learn the art themselves.
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