The throat is a bridge between the heart and the brain and it truly is a transmitter of information which our brain processes through visions and sounds within and around us. Hence self-expression is very important for us to balance our thoughts and feelings, else we carry a lot of baggage within us which can affect our emotions and affect our heart as well. Our inner self perceives based on our thought patterns and we form judgements due to the same. We may perceive it to be correct or incorrect depending on our belief systems. Hence it is wrong to judge someone and form an opinion. We should express what impacts us and not what we feel about others. It is always best to allow the higher self to guide us and be associated with people who we resonate with. Similarly it is important to allow our divine self to express its full potential and engage ourselves in a career or relationship which allows one to express our true self. Only then one can be genuinely happy and fulfilled in our lives.
Therefore, if one lacks self-expression or one overly expresses oneself, both can create imbalances within ourselves which is responsible for blockages in our chakras that eventually cause ailments. This imbalance is a lesson for us to imbibe within ourselves and uplift our thoughts. Sometimes we create karma by even thinking about certain incidents happening around us and our brain starts processing certain ideas about them. This information is processed by our sub-conscious brain and hence we carry unwanted thought patterns. Therefore it is important to let go of things that do not serve our purpose.
Even when we have lack communication skills or suppress our feelings, we hold on to emotions which again manifests into blockages which turns forms into an ailment. Therefore it is important to express oneself fully in order to balance our emotional and physical well-being.
Thyroid is one ailment which happens due to imbalance caused by the above reasons. Therefore it is important to stand up for yourself, express your true feelings and live your life. When you hold back your true feelings, that’s when you become a victim and people take control of your “ voice”. Personally I was diagnosed of thyroid about one and a half years ago and the doctor had prescribed medication for my whole life. Instead I decided to do healing which not only released my blockages but made me more creative, more expressive and a better speaker in public forums. My thyroid levels are normal as on today and I don’t take any medication.Treatments used were Reiki and Magnified healing .
Reiki can be defined as a non-physical healing energy made up of life force energy that is guided by the Higher Intelligence. Magnified healing is a beautiful modality which is brought forth to earth and humanity by Kwan Yin popularly known as Tara in India and Tibet. In magnified healing, we co-create the healing energy with Kwan Yin.Laser rays form the sacred geometries that are used in this healing process by the raising of the vibration of the Magnified Healing energy, the initiating of the energy of the Sevenfold Flame of the Elohim and the activation of the Cosmic Violet Fire of Light. A Broad Laser Beam which is used on all the systems of the physical body (nervous, lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, etc.) including all cells and electrons, by scanning, clearing, releasing, transmuting, reconstituting and filling with perfection.- A Fine Point Laser Beam which extracts growths, concentrated infections, scar tissues, etc. This method also fills with perfection the physical system as well as all subtle bodies. In treating the subtle bodies, old thought forms, habits, belief systems are released and new patterns are stabilized and actively sealed by the Golden Christ Energy. It is a spiritual form of healing and hence it heals across various levels through divine intervention.

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