Modern day work schedules are very hectic and mechanical.Deadlines at work and on domestic front often brings about an imbalance which leads to various lifestyle diseases.

All employers must ensure that all the employees are able to spend quality time at work and home. This ensures that one is always active and energetic. Creative ideas flow when one is completely relaxed and in control of the mind and body. One is then completely balanced in all the areas of their lives and can sustain themselves for a longer term in their jobs too.

Even if one cannot take enough time out during the week, it is extremely important to engage in stress management activities during breaks and go in for rejuvenation during weekends .Work life balance is extremely important for the sustenance of oneself during these times of heightened expectations in performance and intense competition.

So from the HR perspective, it becomes all the more important for the organisation to plan wellness programmes in such a manner that the employees benefit from preventive medicine, rather than an expensive treatment later which can also increase their costs in terms of the insurance claims.

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