Himalayan Pink Salt and its benefits

Himalayan pink salt is the purest form salt, found in the Himalayan seabed. It is rich in sodium chloride, along with 84 minerals, unlike any other type of salts; our body absorbs these minerals easily. From encouraging weight loss, supporting detox, to the functioning as an air purifier, pink Himalayan salt is now dominating the home and world of the health conscious people.

Advantages of Himalayan Pink Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is now everywhere: salt grinders, salt lamps, expensive ‘salt rooms’ in the reputable spa, etc. But, what is the unique feature of the Himalayan pink salt? Let’s find out.

Rich in Minerals

Bath salts and mineral baths are one of the finest ways to relax your body and infuse it with minerals and salts, absorbing through the skin. It is, in fact, a great way to hydrate your body. When it comes to hydrating your skin and body with salt and minerals, Himalayan pink salt leaves its competitors behind.

Relieves Soreness

A warm bath with pink Himalayan rock salt is a very effective way to relieve the cramped muscles. The minerals present in this salt make the bones strong, tighten the tissues, and improve the skin textures, overall.


Besides rich in nutrients, Himalayan pink salt is the natural detoxifier. If you mix it with warm water, it turns into an ionic solution, pulling out toxins out of the skin and body.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Himalayan rock salt lamp is enriched with Sodium Chloride that is essential to keep your blood pressure under control. A regular intake of a pinch of Himalayan pink salt will help you to recover your health from the high blood pressure woes.

Better Digestion

The magic nutrients of Himalayan pink salts improve the power of the gastrointestinal tract to absorb minerals. This leads to better digestion and promotes a healthy living.

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