What Are The Benefits Of Natural Healing Teas?

On a breezy evening or on a rainy day, with a book in hand, taking slow sips from a cup of hot tea— nothing can be more pleasurable than this. No other beverages are more refreshing and stimulating than a cup of tea. But, the beneficial value of tea goes beyond being just a refreshment drink. Studies show that tea has a unique healing power that improves certain health conditions, and promotes a better life. How? Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Natural Healing Teas

Lavender Tea

Lavender comes with a wonderful and refreshing fragrance and flavor. A daily intake of Lavender tea works magic on stressful thoughts, and soothes the mind, balancing the moods. If you are suffering from insomnia, then brew some lavender tea and have it daily; it will relax your mind, lower blood pressure levels and restore deep sleep. Apart from that Lavender tea is also beneficial for skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, etc.

Chocolate Mint Tea

Everybody is well aware with the health benefits of drinking a cup of hot chocolate. But, when it comes to talking about chocolate tea, the beneficial value gets doubled. Made from cocoa beans, chocolate tea is a healthy alternative to coffee. Our chocolate tea is with a hint of mint, hence it also has the benefits of mint too which helps with inflammation, respiratory issues, and digestion too. Cocoa beans are rich in anti-oxidants, hence a cup of chocolate mint tea is a boost to the body, protecting it from free radicals. The best part is that Chocolate tea tastes just like the hot chocolate, 100% natural, and free of caffeine. The minty flavor in it brings a rich taste and aroma which uplifts one’s mood too.

Orange Tea

Are you a frequent victim of cold and flu? Are you searching for some remedies to fight with cold and flu? Vitamin C and anti-oxidant enriched orange tea is an elixir to your suffering. From lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, to relieving constipation and cramps, the benefits of Orange tea is peerless. It also helps in building insulin resistance, prevents heartburn and helps in controlling many infections

Black Tea

Is drinking black tea good for your health? Research shows that black tea has immense benefits for maintaining a healthy heart. It maintains the blood pressure level as well as the cholesterol level. A daily intake of Black tea reduces the chances to lower ovarian cancer in women. It also helps in cleansing liver and kidneys.

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a kind of green tea, but slightly different from the conventional green tea. Matcha leaves are rich in catechin anti-oxidant that helps in fighting cancer. Matcha tea boosts metabolism and helps in burning calories. So, if you are aiming to trim your belly fat, a regular intake of matcha tea can be beneficial. Matcha also relaxes your mind, reduces anxiety and stress and the presence of rich antioxidants also makes it a catalyst in improving your skin.

Rosemary Tea

From brewing the leaves and stems of rosemary, loaded with antibacterial and antioxidant properties, there comes Rosemary tea which is very good to drink it every day, especially for those suffering from arthritis, indigestion, hair loss, high blood pressure, etc. If you have a cup of Rosemary tea daily, it will make you free from the chains of stress, depression, and anxiety. It also helps in reducing headaches and in improving brain function.

Thyme Tea

Loaded with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties, Thyme, when comes in tea form, brings about limitless benefits. A regular intake of thyme tea lowers high blood pressure, controls blood cholesterol level, relieves chest congestion, to name a few.

These herbal teas are completely natural, free of calories, loaded with health benefits. If you want to kick start driving your life on the healthy road, experience a power packed morning with these natural healing teas.